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Reasons why Eyvo is different from other purchasing software

We investigate the minute details and make sure that all the requirements are up to the mark. eProcurement needs are unique for every client and we ensure that those needs are looked after with care. How do we make this work? It’s simple. We concentrate on customers...

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Employees – Our Internal Clients!

Employees – Our Internal Clients! At Eyvo, we believe that working with new teams is helpful as it aids in the exchange of new ideas backed with different cultures. The cultural diversity defines what an organization is, and how it differs in different cities around...

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It's time we considered Digital Procurement as a strategic investment! by Bhargavi Nake eProcurement has been a decorated term in the procurement industry for quite some time now. And yet, there are organizations that consider this change as an expense. We have...

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Cloud Technology and Procurement by Sachin Kapoor Cloud-based technologies are gaining pace with digital transformation taking place. Computing services such as servers, databases, storage, networking, security and intelligence on “the cloud” pose faster innovation,...

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