Eyvo Services Overview
We believe in partnership

If your organization is seeking a new eProcurement solution then you will want to get the optimal product or service at the optimal time. Both system efficiency, workflow transparency and of course cost will be among your top concerns – We recognize that and have been actively demonstrating both greater efficiency and high cost savings for many years with our client companies around the world.

When engaging Eyvo as your partner, we do not become just another supplier. That word partner really does mean something to us – we want you to get the best out of us and we want a happy client because happy clients bring new clients to us – It’s a truly symbiotic relationship.

Technology enables us to give you a great deal of value when you use it to acquire goods and services. The Eyvo web based purchasing software suite for requisitions and orders is called eBuyerAssist.

This impressive and streamlined system handles everything from entering a Requisition, to approving the purchase order, dispatching it and receiving the goods, logging the invoices and producing the system reports.

Benefits to you ?

When you choose Eyvo, it's like joining a private club. The members of the club are our active client companies – all sharing ideas and pushing the platform forward to greater heights. We are constantly developing the system closely listening to our clients, after all we are just the developers, we are not the users.

So if you have a great idea that benefits the wider user community then it’s highly likely we will place it into the solution. We will set you up with our proprietary software eBuyerAssist, which will efficiently improve your procurement operations from start to finish.

Our range of services start with an initial consultancy to get a background of what you hope to achieve, your challenges and goals, identify your resources and which if any new resources you will need to complete the project on time and to budget.

We offer training, consultancy and customized software to fit your needs. Proper education as to how we can assist you will ultimately enable you to eliminate inefficiencies and mistakes that will likely cost time and money.

Our dedicated team will assist you at each step of the cycle through initial system design, phased roll-out, acceptance testing, training, post sales analysis and onward support.

Unlock the procurement puzzle

We take the time to properly advise you on how best to run our software from your point of view. For example, should you run it on premises vs. software as a service? This is just one of the issues that we will address through our implementation services . Our qualified team will take a look at your business to see who at your company will be most impacted by the new eProcurement service and what relevant data needs to be included in your new system.

Upon your instruction, we will assist with data cleansing and/or data validation when necessary. We take care of doing everything necessary to make sure the transition to using Eyvo’s eBuyerAssist platform is smooth and straightforward. We have a proven track record in listening to our clients requirements and producing a solution that is always on time and on budget. Our procurement software solutions allow you to control your spending, audit the process of approvals and gain a close handle on internal controls.

Ultimately, all of these benefits are the product of working closely with our clients. We care about your feedback and are constantly using client input to improve and fine-tune the design and functionality of our software suite.

Contact us today and find out how we can take your company’s transactions to the next level. We will build a personal solution that best meets your needs – We look forward to hearing from you.

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