Eyvo’s Sub-processors

Article 28(2) and (4) of the GDPR directly deal with the situation where a processor engages “another processor,” which can be called a “sub-processor” or a “level 2 processor”.

Under the GDPR, the controller must give its prior written authorization when its processor intends to entrust all or part of the tasks assigned to it to a sub-processor.

Even after having obtained the controller’s formal authorization, the processor remains fully liable to the controller for the performance of the sub-processor’s obligations. In case of cascading subcontracting, these obligations will be passed down to the other sub-processors (level 3 processor and so on).

Below is a list of Eyvo’s sub-processors as defined by the GDPR.
Sub-ProcessorActivityPersonal DataLocation
Amazon Web ServicesEyvo.com website hostName,emailUSA
LiveChatExternal communicationName,emailUSA
Acuity SchedulingCollaborationName,emailUSA
GoogleAnalytics, MarketingN/AUSA
ClickUpProject ManagementName,email, phoneUSA
LinkedInMarketingName,email, phoneUSA
MicrosoftInfrastructure provision and Software developmentN/AUSA, Europe
AdobeSoftware DevelopmentN/AUSA
XeroFinancial AnalysisName, emailUSA
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