3rd Party Integrations
3rd Party Integrations

At Eyvo, integrating with a 3rd party accounting software is not a problem! We tackle talking to other systems in several ways depending on who we need to integrate to.

If the integration is in the cloud, then we can use our Open API. Our system makes a call to the external system using a standardized data exchange protocol.

If it is a legacy system that is installed on your premises, we can deploy our web connector system. This web connector system is a piece of the middleware software that sits on your network exchanging data in real-time between your legacy system and our cloud-based platform.

Eyvo’s eBuyerAssist (eBA) has the ability to link to any external system. Here are a few examples of systems that we have linked to seamlessly:

Intuit’s QuickBooks

Sage (All varieties)


Great Plains

Sun Accounts

Chrome River

Oracle Financials


Bill.com, etc

Eyvo’s eBuyerAssist (eBA) can effortlessly integrate with the above-mentioned systems and many more. Our integration with QuickBooks, SAP, Sun Systems, etc. can help your organization in getting all your accounting information in one place. This way, you avoid any errors and your accounting is completely in sync with your digital procurement software.

This integration will help you increase your productivity and boost your business’ bottom line.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your business’ productivity by improving the invoicing and accounting processes through our eBA and 3rd party integrations.

Messaging Services Integrations

Eyvo’s eBuyerAssist can also integrate various messaging services into its digital procurement software.

The way this works is - if approvals need to be done urgently and on the go, our software will send a notification to the messaging app to which it is integrated e.g. Slack, Teams, ClickUp, WhatsApp,Skype, WeChat etc. On clicking the notification in the respective messaging app, you will be redirected to our eBA application and can either approve or reject the order. It is that simple!

We also send notifications to approvers in their email. Alternatively, we also notify the approvers through our eBA app directly so that all approvals happen on time and the work never stops.

With Eyvo, your approvals will truly happen on time and no procurement process will get delayed because of missed notifications.

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