Multi level approvals
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Advantages of approvals at various stages!

The Eyvo eProcurement solution has a mature process for performing financial approvals before any purchase is actually undertaken within your business.

In other words you may want to purchase a new laptop for your business – so you complete the correct Request screen and send it up the management hierarchy for financial approval – someone has to actually pay for it right ?

So lets say that it goes to your boss … and he electronically approves it via his Blackberry ….. that triggers an approval email to Finance where someone then checks your required spend against the available budget …and finds that, yes you can afford it …so they approve it too …. so you are all set !………..right ?

Not so fast …….. all we are talking about so far financial approval …but what if the laptop you wish to buy is say a DELL laptop but your company only supports IBM laptops ….. what happens then ?

Its not Finance’s job to stop it .. as far as they are concerned ……… provided you have the available budget then you can go ahead and buy it …….

What you need here is a ‘Sanity check’ approval …in other words a “yes, we can afford it but does it make sense to buy it” approval.

Eyvo’s eProcurement solution has multiple financial approvals BUT it also has multiple levels of Sanity Check approvals so the Request can, for example, get routed via the IT department or via the Engineering dept to see if they are also happy with the purchase ………..

Makes sense ? We think so !

If you think it makes sense as well then shoot us an email if you would like to see the process in action !

Hundreds of companies around the world use our purchasing software to improve their internal approvals process and budget control.

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