Procurement As A Service – Are You Reaping The Benefits?
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Are you reaping the benefits of Procurement as a service?

When we started talking about Procurement as a service (PaaS) with our clients, the obvious reaction was ‘do you think it is worth it?’ Well, at that moment we did not spend too much time convincing them to buy into the idea, we simply started delivering. And the reaction this time, as expected, was ‘Wow!’

The benefits of availing PAAS surfaced in the first few months itself. So what did we exactly do? How did it work? Let us try and understand.

Automating one’s business processes is not a new phenomenon.


However, the dynamics have evolved in a huge manner, especially with your procurement requirements taking an e- route, you can now select a process application that matches your business policy and can be replicated in a variety of business environments.

Here’s how it works. Procurement service providers across the world offer a number of SAAS (software as a service) solutions to help make your supply chain more efficient and cost effective. However,  pre-programed software has its limitations and fails to cater to your requirements if there is paucity of time or a need for urgency. You may have Procurement Outsourcing solutions to help implement expert strategies, but it is not feasible for all businesses to reap its benefits given the huge costs involved. This is where Procurement as a service comes handy. Under this model, a client can avail itself of  prudent procurement software backed by expert solutions as per their requirement – without burning a huge hole in the pocket.

You may not necessarily implement PAAS for your entire procurement requirement. Its flexibility and room for customization allows you to apply it to specific situations, products & services, thereby helping you balance your budgets. Instead of making large investments on building in-house technological capabilities, which may or may not be applicable for all processes in the long run, you can simply take the PAAS route to outsource.

Key characteristics of PAAS:

It allows you the flexibility to avail a customized service, configured to suit your business process requirements.

it can be deployed in multiple environments and therefore minimizes the recurring cost incurred on updating your in-house technological capabilities whenever there is a dynamic requirement.

Given the eProcurement mode, its utility transcends the geographical boundaries and can be used to support scalability and match your business requirements across the world.

It relieves the burden of your in-house staff and gives them room to optimize internal processes.

It offers you transparency and market insights, thereby helping you make a well-informed choice.

The journey of procurement services at Eyvo is one of continuous evolution. We strive to help our clients and their complex procurement requirements in a simple, efficient and informed manner. So, if you are facing a dilemma or struggling with a procurement solution, reach out to us. We will be glad to assist you.

Happy eProcuring!

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