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We stand by our products.

We put service first. We are very proud of our high standards of technical support. We don’t offer you different ‘support’ plans to choose from with guaranteed response times and severity etc. That’s way too complex.

We just have one plan. It's called the ‘in the unlikely event you have a problem then we will immediately fix it‘ plan, normally within 2 hours of you reporting it. We rarely have any bugs in the code – it’s typically a user error we are correcting. Whatever it is, simply call it in or use our online tools to report it.

We have a technical support center open 365 days a year 24 hours a day 7 days a week around the world. Our support team are native English speakers and they will give their full attention to you.

The system is rock solid stable and has been field tested by thousands of users around the world for thousands of hours, which means it runs very smoothly.

In the event you do need support, we make it very easy to find us. We do not hide behind our website, one of our engineers will contact you directly. We find it a lot more efficient to have the people that wrote the system working with you – that way we can identify and resolve the issue very quickly.

Our Eyvo support team is an all inclusive approach.

How much does all this extra attention cost? Nothing extra !

We do not charge you any additional fees for technical support whilst we are hosting your system for you, It's all included in your monthly license fee cost – as is bandwidth, storage, backup and disaster recovery – all included. There are no hidden fees.

From the moment you initially contact us you will have an appointed account manager to guide you through the different steps you need to take:

Pre-sales system specification e.g. how many users, which modules, what tasks will identified teams be doing

Implementation: rolling it out to the enterprise desktops

Setup: ensuring your approvals workflow is accurately modeled


Post sales support

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