How To Identify A Suitable Eprocurement Partner?
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Will this eProcurement partner suit you? How to identify?

Prodding over the idea of business integration, streamlining processes and seeking the help of an external partner? Well, we understand your dilemma. For tips to help you identify a suitable eProcurement partner, firstly in the choice of a service provider – the ‘WHO’ & ‘WHY’ aspects can simplify or complicate things. While clients always have these two aspects at the back of their mind, we at Eyvo strive to address these when designing customized solutions for its clients. As an eProcurement partner, we help our clients clearly understand the value that our association can bring to the table. Right from age and experience to the technical expertise and popular opinion – everything matters.

So what are the key aspects to consider while selecting the best eProcurement partner that can streamline your company’s processes and activities and manage your spending’s in the most effective way. Let’s try and understand.

Maturity of the firm: The first and foremost aspect to examine is the experience of the firm. The longer the firm has been in business, the better quipped they would be to assist you in various requirements from time to time. These days you will also find a number of start-ups venturing into the space. Well, the idea is not to undermine their capability but longevity of the proposed partner is surely a key differentiator. Apart from the company‘s website, social media presence also says a lot about its services, client engagement and in many cases also provides user feedback. Do your homework well!

Technical expertise: Be it software up gradation, scope for customization or complaint redress mechanism, technical expertise of your eProcurement partner is a must in defining the ease of engagement. Given the very premises of eProcurement, technical intelligence forms the basis of client relations. Hence, it is critical to analyse the relevance, authenticity, utility and support services of the proposed eProcurement model in order to maximize its benefits for your respective organisation. Validate!

Global Presence: With businesses across industries operating in a truly global playfield and having footprints across the world… a strategic supply chain management model, which not only helps you manage costs but also ensures smooth end-to-end delivery, transparent processes and an efficient bottom line is extremely critical. Therefore, it is important for your eProcurement partner to have a global footprint. The idea is to ensure a robust and unified supply chain management to accommodate scalability. They must be available 24/7/365. Explore!

Transparency: eProcurement calls for management of sensitive client information. Given the confidentiality of information, a transparent service agreement and authenticity of software licence is a must have. Ensure that the terms and conditions are clearly laid out without any hidden legal implications. Examine well!

Strong Client Base: The present day market has a vast variety of eProcurement service providers. Some limit themselves to e-sourcing, some provide hosting, many specialize by industry while few firms like Eyvo specialize in providing a 360 degree end-to-end solution for your eProcurement requirements. What goes a long way in reiterating a service provider’s credentials is a strong client base and their feedback. Having an active user group highlights the relevance and expertise of the service provider. Delve deeper!

While these aspects are critical for identifying a suitable eProcurement partner, prior planning and estimation of the expected outcome is important. Once you have identified the need, simply follow the aforementioned quick checks before firming up your association.

Happy eProcuring!

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