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Eyvo Case Study – CodeFour
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Case Study – CodeFour Media Group

From time to time we like to showcase a few clients during the year.

Code Four media group is a fairly unique business – its actually 4 business’s all under one roof.

Recently we went to visit with them to see their business first hand at their very impressive new facility in Huntingdon Beach, California to understand how Eyvo have helped them manage the many different parts of their business.

We learned that they are divided up into 4 separate areas namely

Experiential + Environmental Design

Print + Fabrication

Rendering + Visualization

Network + AV Systems Design-Build

Running such a busy and complex business requires state of the art tools and CodeFour chose Eyvo to handle their online requisitions, purchase order and invoice solution.

Were they happy with their choice ? Yes !

But you don’t need to hear us say that – listen to their Chief Operating Officer John Cancilla.

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