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User Experience is imperative in eProcurement!
By Deepa Mordani

Godfrey Reggio famously said, “It’s not that we use technology; we live technology.” It’s true that we live in an age enveloped in a technology bubble. Everything is rapidly changing around us and is gearing us towards automation. We are constantly browsing and continually employing software for our day-to-day work.

It is therefore imperative to understand what draws customers to a particular set of software – and in Eyvo’s case that would be specific to eProcurement Software. What makes us as customers choose one technology or software over another? There are specialists who work with aspects of human interaction with technology and have concluded that the most important factor that makes us adopt a specific software or platform is User Experience.

User Experience in simple terms would be our so called first impression of a particular software. It isn’t just how a software looks but how easily it navigates, provides supporting materials and so on.  This all contributes to the level of interest prospective customers develop in a short period of time. While traditional UX is an umbrella including ease of use, aesthetics, execution, other factors also come into play.  More importantly, the first interaction established in a few minutes often determines a customer’s level of interest to even want to engage with a particular company.

There are a few factors that contribute to a great user experience and would help convert a potential customer into a paying customer:

Clear definition of goals – The first step for a software would be to create it keeping in mind the processes and challenges of their end users. Based on this understanding and research, an intuitive interface can be presented to potential customers. Good software addresses your business functions and is adaptable to include specific features to make it yours.  Such solution would always get a thumbs up!

Navigation – This seems like a no brainer. Users should be able to navigate through the software intuitively. This ease of use would compel most customers to stay with your software.

Pleasing aesthetics – It would benefit a great deal for any software to present their platform in a way that is pleasant to look at considering the amount of time customers would be using it in a day.

Responsiveness /Calls to action – These are essential to make the navigation process smooth. Without these, customers would not know how to take right next steps, and this could be a deterrent in the overall user experience.

Uniformity – A software that lacks uniformity in design would lose customers easily as customers start to recognise calls to action in a certain manner over a period of time. Inconsistency in the software would leave customers exasperated and confused.

Mobile Friendly – It’s no secret that we carry our whole world in our cell phones. This makes it mandatory for a software to have a mobile platform for customers to access while on the move.

Reliable robust system – The overall user experience ultimately trickles down to how a customer feels after using your software. This would mean that the software needs to have the support within the system such as documentation or outside the system such as prompt customer service. Both these along with all the above parameters would assure a wonderful user experience.

Research shows that 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience

We at Eyvo, understand and value user experience to ensure customer satisfaction with our own procurement software solutions. With the feedback received from customers, we continuously strive to enhance our application. To be a part of this user experience journey, Contact Us for more details.

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