Eyvo got featured in the CapGemini 2020
Eyvo got featured in the CapGemini 2020 Digital Procurement Research 2020-21 report
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Capgemini released a recent report titled Digital Procurement Research 2020-2021. They have been publishing this report for over a decade to support their clients in achieving a comprehensive overview of the complex world of digital procurement.

Through this report, Capgemini strives to help organizations transform their procurement functions. This allows companies to select the right software vendors based on their needs. The study gives a comprehensive market overview of more than 30 procurement solution providers from around the world. This aids the procurement experts to identify the right fit for their digitization ambitions.

What was the objective of Capgemini Digital Procurement Research?

The research aimed at identifying the key functionalities offered by the major source-to-pay solution providers in the market. The report provides insights into how these functionalities can support the procurement organization in realizing its goals.

The report seeks to link the key trends that Capgemini identified in the procurement function. These trends will be linked to the functionalities that the different digital solutions offer. The focus of this year’s edition lies in discovering new digital technologies. These technologies are essentially being used to solve relevant challenges of the procurement function.

You can find the link to the full report/study here Capgemini Digital Procurement Research 2020-2021.

Eyvo is one of the vendors featured in Capgemini’s report

The procurement industry is ever-evolving and many organizations have made the switch already from traditional to digital procurement. Eyvo’s cloud-based procurement software allows an easy transition from traditional to digital procurement. We are in the eProcurement industry for over two decades and have the experience needed to handle all kinds of businesses.

Procurement is constantly evolving from being about cost-savings to being about value creation. As per the Capgemini report, ‘From spot buys to early supplier involvement, and from competitive bidding to supplier development initiatives, these are the changes that make a procurement department a strategic partner for the business. While the procurement strategy may differ per industry, organization, and even category, there is one major linking pin: more focus on strategic tasks.’

Eyvo can handle all the strategic procurement functions efficiently. Our experience has allowed us to grow together with the ever-changing eProcurement industry using new technologies. Changing times call for a software that is dynamic and can effectively cope with these changes.

Eyvo’s eProcurement solution is designed keeping in mind people, processes, and systems. Some elements of this research were strategic sourcing, Supplier Management, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Reporting and Analytics, etc. We have experience in all the above-mentioned elements of procurement.

Here is our mention in the Capgemini Digital Procurement Research 2020-2021

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