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We are delighted to announce this achievement by Eyvo on the G2 Crowd reviews platform!

Yes its official.

Eyvo are one of The Highest Performing Vendor on G2 Crowd for Purchasing Software from 2019 to 2021 with the most 5 star reviews.  Eyvo certainly are not the biggest of vendors when it comes to actual size – but we perform better than all of them !

Yes Eyvo have the highest number of 5 star reviews on the entire G2Crowd platform for our category.

And you want to know something else ?  We are also the highest performing vendor with the highest number of 5 star reviews on the Capterra review site as well !

We knew we were good – we go the extra mile (and then some)  for our clients – but clearly you don’t just have to take just our word for it !

A shout out to the tech support and customer service teams at Eyvo for coming into work everyday and giving steller performance.