Inventory Management Software
Inventory Control

Tracking Stock Movements, transfers, receipts, issuance is now simple

Our eBuyerAssist Procurement Software (aka eBA) is a fully integrated Procurement suite and one of its optional plug-in modules is the inventory control or stock management module.

Procurement Inventory Module

When a requisition is processed into the system – you may not be required to go and order it from an external source if you already have enough of the item in stock.

The system first checks its inventory and will allow fulfillment of the request without even raising a PO.

Inventory control with multi-location stock areas

You may have various different locations where you keep your inventory: warehouse, trucks, the office closet. With eBA you can track all your inventory in each of these different locations and keep an enterprise wide consolidated view of all of it, all of the time.

If stock levels fall low, the system has the ability to raise an order for replenishment. If you have critical items you cannot run out of, it will allow you to keep a buffer stock and raise orders for replenishment or for direct fulfillment.

For inventory and stock valuation reports we can use FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, etc and we can also consume inventory against those models.

Integrated into your internal catalog

Your users may order from the internal items catalog to book things out of inventory instead of ordering directly from the supplier.

Stock levels increase from the Receiving module

Issue stock items to a cost code

Low stock advisories

Allows the return to stock of issued items

Permits manual and automatic stock level adjustment

Stock listing reports with stock values

Reports on all stock movements between locations

Multi-location warehousing

Integrates with Vendor Punchout process

User access is role based

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Purchase Orders

Multi-Level Approvals

Budget Control

Item Catalogs

Invoice Match (Option)

Receiving (Option)

Quickbooks (Desktop/Online) Integration

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Purchase Requisitions

Document Attachments

OCR Invoice Match via Email

Contract Management

Import/Export Ability

Annual Contract

Extensible From a Full Range of Optional Modules

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Includes Professional plus…

Multi Company (5 as Standard)

Data Silo Separation for Regions/Sites


ERP Integrations

ODBC SQL Access via VPN

Field Customization

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Workflow Customization

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Access to our Open API

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