New European Client: This Charity Takes Our Cloud Procurement Platform
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CAF now trusts in our eProcurement software!

Eyvo are delighted to announce signing up the Charities Aid Foundation  (CAF) in the UK as its latest marquee client.

After a detailed process of trial and evaluation,  Eyvo’s eBuyerAssist procurement platform met all the extensive criteria that it was  measured against in both functionality, fitness of purpose, pre-sales support and a comprehensive security analysis.  To make the on-boarding of the client as painless as possible, Eyvo extended a 30 day free trial and also volunteered full 24/7 support at no cost to the client.  This commitment to their product eventually won the day – For its part – CAF committed the resources early on and was very serious about making the best use of the facilities that had been extended to it.  CAF ensured that all key staff were made available for testing and user feedback – all feedback was adapted so the trial process was dynamic and changed with the clients requirements.


This allowed Eyvo to demonstrate its willingness to meet all the clients objectives on time and to budget.

The system will be based in London and used by both the clients central London users as well as the users in Kent.  The intention is to provide curtailment of maverick purchasing and to provide transparency on the purchase and approvals of all expenses so that audit becomes an easier task.

CAF has a fairly simple approvals process but this may change in time and the eProcurement system has the ‘futureproof’ ability to grow with the organization as that happens.

That plus the high degree of security and in built resilience built into the Eyvo network gave the client comfort when choosing the solution.

Given the recent highly publicized breakdowns in security on many web based system around the world, CAF needed to be convinced that Eyvo’s in-built security was up to the job.  We have multiple ways to detect threats both from the network level, operating system level and application level – all these threat  mitigation measures combined make the solution robust to be used for a public facing financially based web site – all that plus our newly rolled out 2 factor authentication system makes our security hard to beat.

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is a registered UK charity and provides services and assistance to UK and international charities and their donors, as well as promoting donation to charity generally.  Their mission statement is “Motivating society to give ever more effectively, helping to transform lives and communities around the world”

A Case study will likely follow as we track CAF’s progress in using our advanced suite of purchasing tools.

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