Eyvo, Dell And Unum Complete Punchout Link
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Eyvo’s Unum Project

Dell Computer Corporation, Unum Insurance and Eyvo today completed the electronic catalog interface between the three companies allowing Unum to order directly from Dell via Eyvo’s electronic punch-out portal.

The advantage of this system is that whilst the buyers at Unum are logged into the Eyvo eProcurement system, they can select live items from Dells catalog, be quoted their own unique prices and equipment bundles, automatically move the data from the Dell catalog and place it onto the Eyvo Orders and then send them on for internal approval and signoff by Unum Management – once signed off the purchase orders are then routed electronically and directly into Dells Order system – no more paper – either internally at Unum or externally from Unum to Dell – the whole transaction is handled via the Eyvo platform.

Its brilliantly effective !

A case study on the whole Eyvo Unum project will shortly be undertaken to illustrate how an effective eProcurement system is rolled out into a green field site

The systems went live today. All three companies worked closely as a team in specifying the design, testing the interface and bringing it to a successful conclusion.

For more information regarding this and other projects please contact Eyvo at sales@eyvo.com

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