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energy and utilities

In the Energy, Utility, Oil & Gas business?


We Have A Proven Procurement Solution For You!


We know you operate in a 24 hour full time cycle with no downtime allowed. It’s a high pressure business.

You need a tool that will be up to the job, available 24/7, able to manage, control and report on your spend.  Our clients that operate in this sector work in some of the most hostile environments.  Their engineers need to be able to order that pipe fitting with no friction. They can use our mobile app in the field and order whatever they need, and have it approved in seconds.

In the back office you can segment your procurement for multiple different methods including facility code, inventory location, project, warehouse locations so that orders you place with your suppliers are delivered on time to ensure that you can meet your own customers demands.

Whether you’re a local domestic utility provider, or an international business, buying from around the world, you need a centralized control point for your procurement that can be segmented by local region, national area and international destinations.

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Eyvo is very user friendly and had all the features we were looking for. In fact, we did not spend a single dollar on training. All training of staff was hands‐on, during the 3 month paid trial period. Eyvo staff are very flexible and supportive and were quick to understand our requirements and provide practical cost effective solutions

R. Edavalath
Supply Chain and Contracts Manager
Crescent Petroleum, Sharjah UAE