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Professional services

Professional Services

We have built our software as an out of the box, easy to implement, short lead time solution that requires little to no prior knowledge of professional procurement practices and procedures.

The idea is that you actually don’t need any consultancy to use our system. This might sound counter intuitive as why would we not want to sell you additional services. Well of course we do, but you may not need them. If your requirements are simple then you simply will not need them. You just sit down and get going – Implementation takes only days.

But what if you have more complex requirements? What if you have multiple legacy systems to integrate with? Have complex workflows across different teams, countries, languages, currencies and projects? What if you need your own customers to be part of the conversation? For those issues we have our eProcurement software consulting and professional services group.

eProcurement Software Consulting and Professional Services

Eyvo can provide you with a range of services to assist in specifying the exact system that suits your needs and fits your budgets. We have physically visited clients as far away as Iqaluit, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, New York, London. The list goes on and we have the happy client references to prove it.

  • Staffing, project roles
  • Corporate workflow
  • Document management
  • Systems software specifications
  • Application functionality
  • Equipment specification and supply
  • Systems Integration e.g. Accounts, ERP


Eyvo has a wide range of experience gathered over several years by working with clients large and small, in both the private and public sector.

We are happy to consult with your own internal project teams or external consultants if you have already appointed a firm. In fact, much of our business is from recommendations from external management consultancy’s or accountants.