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Are Your eProcurement Systems Safe And Secure?
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The security of your eProcurement systems is vital

Securing your internet applications is vitally important – just browse the headlines and it wont be long before you come across someone somewhere has been hacked – Target, Mt.Gox , LinkedIn, KickStarter etc.

We at Eyv recognizethat we are providing you with a financial system that has a front facing internet connection and thus we take security very seriously here.

To that end, we already have SSL encryption using the new SHA2 standards, data encryption of users information on the database, DDoS layers of protection, firewalls, intrusion detection, login Captcha devices and the list goes on.

To that list we are pleased to announce the availability of 2 factor authentication – now our eProcurement systems are just as secure as your banking applications.

As an optional module you can now layer on this protection to have the system text you a ‘one time use’ code each time you login – this reinforces the old something you have (your phone) and something you know (your userid and password) philosophy.

You first activate the optional module on your system and then you can enable it on a user by user basis e.g. just roll it out to your approvers and not your requestors – this ensures that those people who have signing authority and the ability to release funds are the ones who are protected – perhaps also the purchasing manager/director might benefit from it.

You can either get the verification codes via SMS text message or via the custom app for your smartphone.

Once sent the codes expire after 1 minute.

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