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Get An Edge: The Many Advantages Of eProcurement
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Ever since its advent, fall, and subsequent resurgence in the global business arena, e-procurement has been a major of subject of discussion by many. An increasing number of companies are currently flocking towards adoption of electronic purchasing software solutions to streamline their buying processes and control business spend. The reasons behind doing so are simple. Compared to traditional buying, e-procurement offers significant strategic and operational benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits in this regard.

Cost Efficiency

Falling in the category of spend management solutions, one of the biggest benefits of an e-procurement system is the level of cost efficiency it offers. For any organizations, reducing costs is often a primary factor when considering any decision. The lower the cost, the higher profit margin they get.  Here is how e-procurement software can help one save costs:

Purchasing is consolidated, which prevents maverick buying

Since purchasing is made through a single system, companies are able to get lower buying price and better service from the suppliers end

Significant human resources are freed by conducting purchasing through software instead of assigning a number of staff to do the same

Changes in the market can be responded to in a more efficient manner since there is no delay between buyer and supplier communication

Control over finances is increased since the entire system can be viewed easily through report generation from software

Improved Procurement Process Rationalization

In the modern age, purchasing software solutions have evolved greatly, incorporating unprecedented levels of innovation and functionality. The procurement process, if viewed holistically, contains a number of aspects which must be rationalized in order to proceed effectively.

Vendor relationships play a rather large role here, and even this can be handled through procurement software that is available today. No more do you need to busy your staff with vendor bid analysis, the software does this for you. Once the software analyzes the bid, it can even be instructed to award contracts appropriately through vendor contract award systems.

Procurement process rationalization also includes the identification of bottlenecks and holdups in a timely manner. Using the fewest processes, modern e-procurement solutions can do even that, enabling the organization to react on time to neutralize bottlenecks and keep the process streamlined.


Possibly the most valued benefit of e-procurement is the amount of time and effort it saves a business through a variety of means. First off, by standardizing human-computer interface, processing time is shortened; this comes with added benefit of reducing uncertainty in execution since human error is eliminated.

Secondly, the software contains real time data and grants transparency for both the buyers and the vendors. This results in near-zero ambiguity on both ends, leading to faster transaction and shortened delivery times. Delays are errors are reduced, which prevents wastage of time on incorrect deliveries and such.

The benefits are considerable; we just listed those we thought were most important for businesses today. If you are looking for premium e-procurement software, eBuyerAssist is one that comes highly recommended in the business scene today.

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