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User Adoption – Essence Of eProcurement Success
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Why User Adoption is crucial to eProcurement?
By Deepa Mordani

Are you in the process of selecting or implementing an eProcurement system? Are you looking to increase savings, speed up your process, get better visibility of your spend in your company? If the answer is yes, then the steps would evidently be to compare various systems available based on functions required along with their costs for deployment, training and various other factors. Once these are narrowed down, you would start the process of execution within the company. But there is one aspect that should influence decision makers like you while favouring one system over another and that is User Adoption. We often think that if a system is good or profitable for the company then it would be well received by the employees. Although employees would always applaud a change that is commercially beneficial for a company, they would also adapt only if the change works to enhance their own productivity. User Adoption, therefore, should be the starting point that should drive the eProcurement system purchase.

Mark Twain said, “The secret of getting ahead, is getting started.” So, let’s get started on what questions you should answer that will make your users embrace the change.

WHY? (Strategy)

This is the most basic question one should ask themselves. Why does your company need an eProcurement system or why does your company need a new one over an existing one? The answer should be along the lines of whether your company works on old procurement methodologies and wants to adapt to the newer ways of procurement or that an existing system doesn’t have the functionalities needed to fulfil your company’s requirements and hence the switch seems like the natural course of action.

WHAT? (Technology)

What will this system bring to the table that’s missing? Would the new system be faster, easier to use and navigate? Would it have fewer clicks to get the end results, better reports? Is it intuitive? Is technical support readily available? These criteria would ensure that the company gains new capabilities while employees feel comfortable with the new system and would be less reluctant to the change.

WHO? (People)

Who are involved in the change? What are their roles and responsibilities in the digital transformation effort? While having well thought out reasons may be convincing to end-users or your employees, finding a way to involve each stakeholder throughout the change effort is most likely needed to achieve full adaption of the system. Socializing the ‘why’ through discussion is a great way of getting buy-in from anyone who needs to make use of the new system.

HOW? (Process)

This could be tricky and should be addressed as well. How would this system be deployed? Would it be done all at once with the old system or the old ways of working out of the way or would it be used along with the old system during a transition period? The method used would depend on what the company feels is comfortable for their employees and the number of departments that it has. Generally, new technology adoption would necessitate a change in business processes to take full advantage of the new solution.

We at Eyvo understand that User Adoption is critical when a system is purchased. We work with customers to closely understand their company’s procurement needs and provide the most fitting solutions accordingly. Our eBuyerAssist application is widely used all over the world for its easy-to-use intuitive interface along with round the clock technical support.

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